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Monday, 19 November 2012

2015 house

[project for an affordable single-family contemporary house, with pre-fabricated elements]
The development of the architecture concept, from drawing sketch through digital 3D modeling:

[1] conceptual design sketch: plan and front elevation

[2] start working with 3DCAD programm with the top view mode

[3] adding furniture to help visualize and detailing the  house spaces

[4] another partitions were added. The structure started to appear

[5] finishing the structure and wall partitions

[6] the detailing of the entrance porch with diagonal metal bracings

[7] perspective view of the entrance porch

[8] perspective view of the entrance porch

[9] roofing and enclosing the house with external walls

[10] wooden battens were added

[11] perspective view

[12] perspective view

                                                            [13] more details added

                                                          [14] view of the rooms